Briefly about LLC " STC Amplituda»

"Scientific and technical center of the Amplitude» — a multi-industry enterprise engaged in the production, supply and maintenance of measuring instruments, special laboratory equipment, methodological, metrological and software in the field of radiation control, nuclear medicine and petrophysics. The company was established on the basis of FSUE VNIIFTRI of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rostekhregulirovanie, formerly Gosstandart of Russia). This basis allowed to preserve the scientific potential of the enterprise formed during the Soviet era, and also became the basis for the dynamic development of the Center in the conditions of severe competition in the market of specialized high-tech goods and services.

The list of products produced by STC Amplituda LLC includes more than 50 items . A significant part of the products are certified, and almost all manufactured measuring instruments are entered in the state register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation and their delivery is accompanied by verification certificates. The Center's activities are also aimed at providing repair and warranty and metrological services for manufactured devices and equipment, as well as equipment of other manufacturers.

To solve scientific and industrial issues, LLC "STC Amplituda" has its own production base, mechanical workshops, a workshop for the installation of electronic devices, a service workshop. The Center employs highly qualified specialists in the development and manufacture of electronic equipment and other equipment, which make up a powerful scientific and technical development Department, a Department for installation and configuration of electronic equipment, a design Department, a mechanical workshop and other divisions. Currently, the staff of STC Amplituda LLC has more than 90 employees. Of them, 6 people have academic degrees.

Quality management system

Since 2006, STC Amplituda LLC has implemented and successfully operates a quality management system certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standardISO 9001:2000 standard .

Due to modern scientific developments and the latest technologies, the range of activities of the Center has significantly expanded in recent years, in addition to measuring ionizing radiation, a number of medical devices have been developed. More than 5 years ago, a new direction of activity of the Center was formed — the development and production of laboratory equipment and devices for Express and laboratory research of petrophysical properties of rocks. Based on the results of most of the developments, industrial production of equipment has been established.

Radiation control

In the field of radiation control, we offer state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for radiological laboratories of various departments involved in solving a wide range of tasks, from certification of any product based on radiation characteristics and radiation safety problems to conducting radioecological monitoring and scientific research.

Radiation medicine

In radiation medicine, we develop and manufacture equipment, equipment and techniques for radioisotope and radioimmunological laboratories of medical institutions — specialized diagnostic equipment, radiometers, dosimeters, contamination detectors, etc.


In the field of petrophysics, we offer a wide range of equipment and services — from stone cutting machines and devices for preparing core for research to equipment for Express and laboratory studies of core and sludge. Certified standard samples of radioactivity, gas permeability, and magnetic properties of core and sludge for calibration and verification of the safety of metrological characteristics of appropriate measuring instruments are of great interest to specialists. Many samples of our products for petrophysical laboratories have already received a high rating among specialists of laboratories of the oil and gas complex and ore deposits.

General laboratory equipment

In the field of supply of General laboratory equipment, we cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory furniture, laboratory glass, chemical reagents, instruments and equipment for measuring physical quantities, chemical analysis of substances, sample preparation. A special place in this area of activity is occupied by the organization of turnkey laboratories.

Our client

Among our regular clients are such well-known organizations and departments:

  • FSUE Concern " Rosenergoatom»;
  • state customs Committee;
  • EMERCOM of Russia;
  • Research institutions: state research center "Biophysics Institute", RRC "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow, VNIGNI, Vniigeosistem, VNIIG, Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of oil and other;
  • Major medical centers and many clinical hospitals;
  • Radon special plants and specialized shipbuilding and ship repair plants;
  • Water utilities and water treatment plants, hygiene and epidemiology Centers, centers for standardization, Metrology and certification;
  • The largest retail enterprises, including such a giant as the Auchan hypermarket chain (Moscow);
  • Oil and gas industry enterprises: NPU CJSC Tyumen oil research center, TNK-BP, JSC Rosnipitermneft, SurgutNIPIneft, LLC Tyumennigiprogaz, JSC Krasnodarneftegeofizika, LLC NK Rosneft-STC, LLC Astrakhangazprom, JSC Sibniinp, LLC Sibgeocenter, FSUE Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka, NPC tvergeofizika "and others;
  • Higher educational institutions, including such recognized grandees as: MEPhI, Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas, MGRI, Sechenov Moscow medical Academy, Lomonosov Moscow state University and many others;
  • A large number of specialized military units and enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

Currently, in Russia, the CIS countries and in some far-abroad countries, about 2000 laboratories of various profiles use our developments.

The continuous connection of STC Amplituda with FSUE VNIIFTRI, which is one of the main metrological centers of the Russian Federation for many types of measurements, guarantees our customers the highest quality solution to any questions of metrological, methodological and service maintenance of the equipment purchased from us.

We will always be happy to see You as our partners and clients and are ready to provide all possible assistance in solving any problems in the field of radiation control, radiation medicine or petrophysics. We guarantee reliable measurement results.

We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!