SVR-500-02A SOL

SVR-500-02A SOL

SVR-500-02A SOL
Hot Cell for Radiotherapy

Designed to work with Sodium Iodide I-131 for carrying out radioiodine therapy

Lead shield 50 mm Pb all-around the working space with the lead-glass protective window as well as shielded compartments for the dose calibrator, and radioactive wastes container prevent personnel from gamma radiation

Ultraviolet lamp is used for disinfection of the workspace

The inner surface of the working chamber is made of stainless steel, the outer surfaces are coated with epoxy powder enamel, resistant to aggressive environments and extremely unpretentious in terms of daily maintenance
HEPA and charcoal filters together with directed air flows eliminate the release of gases and aerosols from the working area into the environment

The inner cell with hermetically closed stainless steel door, HEPA filter for the incoming air, lead-shielded airlock in the bottom for radioactive substances and the side-wall airlock for inactive chemicals, tools etc. provide specified air purity maintenance inside the workspace

Two convenient and reliable gripper manipulators provide the operator ability to safely perform routine work with the radioactive substances and the in-cell equipment

Dose rate meters inside the working chamber and at the operator's site connected to the light signal and acoustic alarm with automatic door-lock provide the radiation safety  while handling the radioactive substances

In-cell equipment in standard delivery
· semi-automatic dispensing system for vials
· vial cap sealing and unsealing semi-automatic system
· dose calibrator RIS-A
· sterilization system for the in-cell working space

Optional in-cell equipment
· encapsulator-dispenser ARCHIMED (can be connected to RIS-A dose calibrator)
· sterilization autoclave system
· a multipurpose set of different grips for gripper manipulators
· in-cell grip changer

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