Multipurpose Lead-Shielded Fume Hood

Intended for working with any radiopharmaceuticals (SPECT, PET, Therapeutic)

Lead shielding (up to 50 mm) all around the working space with the lead-glass protective window prevents personnel from gamma radiation when handling the radiopharmaceuticals

Shielded compartments for the dose calibrator, radioactive wastes container and Mo99/Tc99m generator with the lifting device provide convenient and absolutely safe operation with unsealed radioactive materials

Access to the working area is through the main doors in the front part and auxiliary ones in the side parts

Ultraviolet lamp is used for disinfection of the workspace

All surfaces are coated with epoxy powder enamel, resistant to aggressive environments and extremely unpretentious in terms of daily maintenance

Airlock is attached on the right-side wall to supply radiopharmaceuticals to the working chamber

Gloves or/and the gripper manipulators built in the front doors
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