Designed for gamma and beta emitting radioisotopes activity measurements in NM, PET, Radiopharmacy, Metrology
Device consists of measuring unit IKT-01, based on a well-type ionization chamber, and a reading unit which can be replaced by a PC with special RIS-A software

The measuring unit has its own built-in lead shield of 6 mm thickness. Optionally, an additional 50mm Pb-shield can be provided

Due to the special design of the ionization chamber, the device is practically insensitive to the position of the measured object within ±7 cm from the center along the height of the chamber, which e.g. allows not to make differences between the “syringe” and “vial” during routine measurements. However, to carry out more accurate measurements with an uncertainty of less than 3%, it is possible to take into account the influence of the geometry of the measured object
The one-touch function for selecting readings between Becquerel and Curie is highly appreciated by numerous users
RIS-A is delivered with the preset user-defined library of radioisotopes. Before delivery, each device is calibrated for each isotope from the library, providing the traceability to the Russian National Primary Standard of Radionuclides Activity, which is a regular participant in the international key and supplementary comparisons
Background is automatically measured and compensated

RIS-A is available in four versions:

  •  RIS-1A is intended for routine measurements of radiopharmaceuticals activity in medical institutions
  •  RIS-2A for high activity values (up to 250 Ci) measuring at production facilities 
  •  RIS-3A with an extended range of measured activity of radiopharmaceuticals for medical institutions
  •  RIS-4A is inte

nded for low-energy (from 20 keV) gamma emitting radionuclides activity measurements

Any of these modifications can be built into hot cells manufactured by STC Amplituda and some other manufacturers equipment

Standard delivery

  •  measuring unit IKT-01
  • reading unit or laptop with the RIS-A software
  • syringe holder
  • sample (vials, bottles, reference radionuclide sources etc.) holder

Optional accessories

  • extra lead shield of 50mm Pb
  • kit for Mo-99 impurity in the eluate measuring
  • label printer
  • reference radionuclide source

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