Gamma Probe System for SLN Method

Intended for the Sentinel Lymph Node (SLN) detection

The system consists of a set of wireless Bluetooth probes and a laptop with Radical software

Thanks to their unique design, probes combine high sensitivity with ultra-high spatial resolution

The possibility of sterilization due to the lack of electrical connectors makes the probes suitable for surgical oncology

Each probe is powered by two AAA batteries located in a sealed compartment. Continuous operation time with one set of batteries is more than 100 hours. After losing the Bluetooth connection (for example, on the Radical software exiting) the probe automatically enters the power-saving standby mode in which it can wait for the next connection up to six months without the need to replace batteries

Visual control of the count rate in the form of a graph and a numerical value on the laptop monitor together with the acoustic signal, which frequency is proportional to the count rate, make the detection process extremely convenient for the surgeon

The use of laparoscopic probes (l = 800 mm; d = 5 and 10 mm) makes it possible to detect SLN in hard-to-reach locations (e.g., with cervical cancer)

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