Biohazard-Safety Lead-Shielded Hot Cell with Laminar Flow

Intended for working with radiopharmaceuticals based on Tc-99m and some other low energy gamma emitters

The inner surface of the working chamber is made of stainless steel, the outer surfaces are coated with epoxy powder enamel, resistant to aggressive environments and extremely unpretentious in terms of daily maintenance

Downward laminar air flow rate in the working space is continuously monitored and automatically maintained throughout the life-time of the air filters

Lead shielding (up to 20 mm) all around the working area except for the front side, and sliding radioprotective window with the lead glass prevent personnel from the gamma radiation when handling the radiopharmaceuticals

Shielded compartments for the dose calibrator, radioactive waste container and Mo99/Tc99m generator with a micro-lift

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