GMP-Compliant Dispensing System

Intended for the filling of syringes with radiopharmaceuticals of specified volume and activity

The external cladding of the main unit is made of stainless steel

The syringe container is made of 10 mm thickness tungsten with a viewing window of radiation-protective glass, equipped with a syringe quick-lock mechanism, does not interfere with syringe needle attachment process and easily snaps into working position. The presence of a syringe is controlled by a sensor

The movement of the syringe and the syringe plunger is performed by electric motors

The vial container has a lead-shield of 60 mm Pb on all sides and is equipped with a vial-tray. The tray closure is controlled by a sensor

A stainless-steel funnel is installed above the vial to guide the needle into the center of the vial. The funnel is easily removable for the disinfection

The main unit is controlled remotely from a PC with special Diogen software that is connectable to the dose calibrator RIS-A

The software takes into account the process of radioactive decay, features of a particular syringe model (such as “dead” volume) in order to increase dispensing accuracy

The activity of the stock solution can be read-out automatically from the RIS-A dose calibrator or entered manually. In addition, before starting the process of radiopharmaceuticals dispensing into a syringe, one should indicate the volume of solution in the vial, select the syringe type from the list and specify the required activity

The further dispensing process runs automatically and lasts about 30 s. After completing the set, the remaining fluid from the needle is sucked into the syringe to clean the needle, after which control measurements of activity in the syringe and vial must be performed

The Diogen software contains all saved user profiles and strictly keeps a log of completed operations, states of the main unit and personalized operator actions

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