GMP-Compliant Encapsulator-Dispenser

Intended for the preparation of therapeutic and diagnostic doses of radiopharmaceuticals based on iodine-131 in the form of gelatin capsules or vials with solutions of specified volume and activity for oral administration

ARCHIMED includes the main dispensing (encapsulating) unit, which is controlled remotely from a PC with special software Archisoft

The main unit consists of:
high precision automated pipetting device with 3D-movable holder unit
cartridge for 6 capsules
semi-automatic device for vial cap sealing and unsealing 

The 3D movement of pipetting device and the presence of capsules in the cartridge slots are controlled using optical sensors

After dispensing (encapsulating) process, vials with ready-made capsules or solutions of specified volume and activity, can be sealed and labeled with the automatically printed sticker

Archisoft software is connectable to the dose calibrator RIS-A. The Archisoft is flexible enough and provides the advanced users mode to fulfil any available procedure that is not provided for by the standard routine automated modes.
The software takes into account the process of radioactive decay of iodine-131 and strictly keeps a log of all completed operations and personalized operator actions

ARCHIMED is designed for installation inside any hot cell intended to work with radioactive materials (e.g. SVR-500-02A SOL), and can be easily controlled either manually in gloves or via gripper manipulators

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